de.KCD - German Competence Center Cloud Technologies for Data Management and Processing

Duration of the project: December 2023 - November 2026


The German Competence Center Cloud Technologies for Data Management and Processing (de.KCD) bundles existing expertise in the field of data management and analysis technologies in the cloud. Starting from the life sciences and medicine, these are made available to a broad user base in various scientific fields and at different research locations. To this end, a training environment is created as a place of learning for the acquisition of data competences.

In addition to the use of proven formats such as hackathons, summer schools and practical exercises, hybrid formats and online training courses for the partners' training activities are being developed. The establishment of a cross-location knowledge and competence base enables  to contribute complementary expertise and domain-specific know-how to the network.

Apart from the cloud infrastructure, de.KCD also provides innovative storage, processing and analysis methods to establish a networked research location. For more complex research questions, as well as for the integration of interdisciplinary data sets or distributed databases, the development of appropriate technologies and cloud-based software stacks is also being driven forward.

The resulting networking site functions as a common data space for interaction with national and international research projects.


Further information can be found on de.KCD's  Website:

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