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Digitale Arbeitswelt und intelligente Medizin - KI im Spannungsfeld von Wissenschaft, Gesellschaft und Politik

On January 30th 2020, Roland Eils was invited as key speaker to an evening event with the focus on the digitalization and usage of artificial intelligence in health and disease, organized by the Bundespresseamt and the Einstein Foundation. As an expert for digital medicine, Roland Eils critically discussed the lack of digitalization in the medical sector specifically in Germany and emphasized the high potential of data-driven diagnostics in precision medicine. As an example, he presents recent efforts in translational research in the field of cancer diagnostics, closing his talk with the words „Data can save lives!“. 
Please follow the link for Roland Eils’ talk and the following plenum discussion with Andreas Lemke and Thomas Gebhart (in German only, starting at 1:15:00):

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