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Congratulations, Julius - winner of the Falling Walls lab competition!
Julius Upmeier zu Belzen presented his research on artificial intelligence algorithms helping to predict the functions of proteins in his talk Breaking the Wall of Black Boxes in Biomedical AI. This study was recently published in Nature Machine Intelligence.
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Upmeier zu Belzen, J., Bürgel, T., Holderbach, S., Bubeck, F., Adam, L., Gandor, C., Klein, M., Mathony, J., Pfuderer, P. L., Platz, L., Przybilla, M., Schwendemann, M., Heid, D., Hoffmann, M. D., Jendrusch, M., Schmelas, C., Waldhauer, M., Lehmann, I., Niopek, D. & Eils, R. (2019). Leveraging implicit knowledge in neural networks for functional dissection and engineering of proteins. Nature Machine Intelligence 1, 225-235. doi: 10.1038/s42256-019-0049-9

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