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Martin Peuker: CIO of the year 2020

Charité CIO Martin Peuker is driving digitization in the healthcare sector with the Health Data Platform. The jury awards him 1st prize in the Public Sector category for his outstandig achievment. 

"What a great team success! Let's continue to move the digitization of healthcare forward together for the benefit of patients and employees. The framework conditions in Germany have improved greatly. It is clear that the medicine of the future will be much more data-driven. In Germany and Europe, we have a unique opportunity to advance AI and connectivity for the benefit of patients. Charité is actively driving this change. The IT department of the Charité is on its way to take on a pioneering role in this process. We want to take EVERYONE with us on this journey, and this is also a national opportunity. From basic molecular research to better treatment. It is really fun to see how Charité, with limited resources, is able to implement such innovations and become a benchmark for industries. We made CharITé!" Martin Peuker via LinkedIn


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